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Understanding the process and purchasing environment.

Face The Facts: Tendering can be a difficult and confusing process, particularly if you are new to dealing with government.

Win More Often and Reduce Stress with our Consulting Services: Let our consulting service assist you in ensuring that you have the best possible chance to win business with the Government of Canada, provincial and municipal governments, and other public sector organizations. Principal consultant Keith Parker of The Proposal Centre, is a seasoned proposal manager with 16 years of dedicated experience in all aspects of proposal preparation and solution design. Over the last 12 years he has focused on helping small and medium-sized companies compete against the larger firms he once worked for, and has a win rate above 82% during that time. Keith and his team can help your business improve your odds, save time, reduce worry and stress, and build for the future.

Areas covered:

  • Service Offerings are primarily targeted to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises though any business can benefit from our services.
  • We offer training, guidance, hands-on development, and ongoing support in:
  • Doing business with government and public sector organizations
  • Winning standing offers, supply arrangements, vendor of record agreements, and other contracting vehicles
  • Winning firm contracts
  • Improving your proposal processes

The “Doing Business with Government” service includes training/coaching in:

  • The pros and cons of selling to government
  • The government view of purchasing as it applies to Small and Medium Enterprises
  • How you get access to the procurement process – the practical steps
  • How the process really works – what goes on in the purchasing environment in a time of cost-cutting and increased scrutiny
  • How you can influence the procurement process to go your way
  • Dealing with potential government clients – what influence they have on the process
  • Dealing with procurement officers – what they are looking for
  • The different ways governments buy goods and services
  • Sub-contracting – less hassle and faster access
  • Finding Opportunities
  • Choosing to pursue right opportunities
  • How to prepare proposals

The Proposal Centre – Ottawa, Canada