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Direct Marketing Mailing Lists

At PSL, we understand the work that goes into reaching audiences for conferences and seminars. That’s why we do more than develop audience specific mailing lists to greatly improve lead generation and drive attendance.

We deliver your ad copy. This enables us to identify contacts who register from your own PSL conference mailing list. You see our impact on your marketing campaign in a transparent, measurable way.


Canadian Government Conference Mailing Lists

Each year, PSL’s government mailing lists play a key role in successful direct marketing campaigns worldwide. Our client base has become global, but the focus remains Canadian. We deliver interagency government audiences for various events across Canada, such as:

  • risk management conferences
  • executive training conferences
  • business analytics conferences
  • social media knowledge seminars
  • professional development seminars
  • environmental conferences on clean technology
  • conservation and other  green government events


Building Conference Mailing Lists

Building a mailing list requires work. Building it the right way requires dedication. Our information database is cleansed and updated weekly. We acquire government data through licensed service agreements to ensure only legitimate leads. With over 350,000 government contacts in our file, we are proud to connect you with your proper audience.

At PSL, we don’t sell “stock” lists. Each customized conference mailing list is segmented from over 23,000 professional disciplines in the government sector, including:

  • IT
  • Health
  • Education
  • Purchasing
  • Environment
  • Human Services
  • Communications

Your conference mailing list opens communication channels to strategic top-rank CIO‘s, Directors, Senior Managers and influencial decision makers that match specific responsibilities and locations. We work to ensure that you get your message across to this strategic government audience.


Connect with Government Lists

Each PSL list (office contact) is designed to spec to match your campaign. We are pleased to assist in this.

Email provided by client — Delivery of client ad copy to client audience:

$560 for 3000 records. Additional records $0.17 each.

Postal A — One Year Multi-Use:

$1040 for 3000 records. Additional records $0.33 each.

Postal B — Per Campaign (One-Time):

$560 for 3000 records. Additional records $0.17 each.

Connect with us for targeted public sector lists so you can focus your time on presenting quality content to fully booked government events and learning opportunities. Contact Us

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