Business to Government in Canada | Not Business as Usual in 2016

How the purchasing environment process really works  Face The Facts: Tendering can be a difficult and confusing process, particularly if you are new to dealing with government. Areas covered: Service Offerings to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Doing Business with Government Creation of Short and Long Term Business Plans Organizational Management, and Operational Analysis and

Business to Government in Canada | Types of contracts a SME can have – Part 2

We left off last time at the work required once you have successfully received a Supply  Arrangement. Looked at objectively, all a Supply Arrangement does is  get you in the door, along with several or many other  suppliers  of equivalent goods and services.  You have  tendered on a  range of goods, or more usually on a

Doing Business with the Government of Canada | Types of contracts a SME can have – Part 1

There are several types of contracts that a small and/or  medium (or for that matter, large) enterprise can have  with the federal government. Other than one-off types of contracts awarded as a result of a tender call, or a procurement under $5000.00, most of the contracts will either be a type of Standing Offer, or

2015 Training Calendar and Speaking Events – Netrunner Inc. – A Canadian Cyber Defence Company

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Patrick Malcolm welcomes you to  “Current Challenges of the Digital Forensics Profession” We want everyone who works in the Canadian and Provincial Government to have access to this free 55-minute teleseminar. We admire and appreciate the dedication of IT Security professionals now tasked with addressing the challenges of the emerging and expanding Cyber Threat to

Cyber Security Complimentary Webinar – Why attackers get in

You are invited to attend a complimentary webinar, in our Summer Cyber Security Awareness Series. Wednesday August 7, 2013 at 12:00 pm noon. Here is what it is about. “Current Challenges of the Digital Forensics Profession” The defensive capabilities of traditional security tools have been eclipsed by the capabilities of modern attackers. The evidence is