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digital government engagement

PSL brings your government focused campaign to life by delivering the audience you need. We connect you with the right government contacts to deliver your message in ways they’ll respond to. Whether your goal is to drive attendance for seminar events or generate leads for business, PSL can support your direct marketing campaign with our database of over 350,000 public sector contacts.


Making ideas happen

We take pride in our track record of driving events for Tier-1 Government clients. The success of the work we do is a direct result of our commitment to the following standards:

*key audiences: Your seminars evolve. Your business grows. So does your audience. Developing a strong presentation with PSL is a crucial touch point for us to discuss your marketing piece, and identify the most strategic buyer profiles for your current campaign.

*maximum impact for a modest price: Using powerful relational data tools, we build your mailing list from a massive government  data repository of over 20 fields of differentiation. The list that we compile is so specific to your campaign that each list will have no greater impact for anyone else, on any other project.

*secure delivery: Whether it’s creating your mailing list or sending out your marketing piece, you choose what we send, how we send it, and when we send it. We’ll make sure it gets there.

*service: PSL‘s social media scope keeps us fully engaged with your company long after your project takes off. We’ll always be there when you need us:  to consult, discuss or evaluate. We’ll be there for your next campaign so you will get the most value from your investment in PSL.


Our assistance Creating an accurate public sector list is essential for any direct marketing campaign. Visit our Canada page to learn more about how we enhance and open communication channels with your best business prospects in the Government of Canada. Your campaign When you’re ready to discuss your next  direct mailing campaign, we encourage you to reach us via our Contact page.


Consulting For a consulting fee, we also guide companies in their bid to secure contracts from public sector agencies. Our experienced associates at The Proposal Centre are equipped to help you understand the process and what you need to do, including how to become registered vendors, how today’s fiscal environment impacts the procurement process, and how changes to the public sector’s purchasing environment can be made to your advantage. Click on Consultancy for more information.

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digital government engagement

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